Your Body is Gone but You Never Left Me

You’re the bird that comes to see me. The bird that perches on the power line above my letterbox and looks in. Your arrogant tweet pierces the air at random.

This micro means a lot to me. It might not be my best work but I’m proud of the last line. I hope you relate to it or find something in there.

Eat, Drink and be Happy

“To touch, to smell, to listen, to see,” he struggles with the list. “They’re all fantastic. In their own right. But the greatest of all, king of kings, is to taste.”

The Antihumanist Third Edition. Cover by Zuzanna.

Thanks to TD and the team at The Antihumanist. I’m honoured to be included in the 3rd edition. Please find the issue here. My piece Eat, Drink and be Happy can be found on page 49 but you can probably read a Table of Contents. Enjoy.

Screaming Infant Dispatched on SVJ

My son screamed when he came bursting out of the womb. His naked body glistened. Dollops of pinks, reds, browns, and yellows. Unblemished skin covered in bodily fluids and mucus.

Thanks to Rob Kaniuk and the team at Schuylkill Valley Journal for including this little story

The cute baby cries and calls mum from a bed

A gorilla in the supermarket queue …

Was this genderless person behind the gorilla costume not taking this situation seriously? Do we resort to humour to get us through the toughest of times, like a joke or a funny story at a funeral?

Pretty cool to be included in this collection

Reflecting on Covid.jpg

There are some good artists and writers in here and me.