“the sky is thickening. I could slurp it like a milkshake. I could reach my hand out and grab a bit.”

Photo credit: Antoni Karolak

Thanks to Lena the editor and all the other good folk @Headland for including my short story ‘Water’ in issue 18. https://headland.org.nz/issues/issue-18/water/

Here’s a review from my father: “It’s great. All the intermingling stories evolved together at the end. Not only a good story but a reflection on who makes the most climate and environmental impacts!!!”

Thanks dad xxoo

If you’d like to add an unbiased review, please do so. I’d like to know what you think!


Moby Dick: The Flash Fiction Version

I place the burdensome paperback on the empty space on the couch and notice an ant crawling on my hairy arm. A word walked off the page and into the wilderness.

I’m chuffed to have my piece ‘Moby Dick: The Flash Fiction Version’ included in Flash Frontier’s INSECTS issue. Thanks to guest editor Erik Kennedy and all the other editors for putting this fine issue together. Click on the link above to read!

The Thief

“Red stains run down the glass similar to drops of water running down a shower door. But bloodied.”

Thanks to Veronica and the team @bullshitlit for publishing The Thief.

Biblical Floods

We get a view of the reddish-brown discharge entering the grey moana. It looks similar when I rub mud from my knees in the bath: dirty.

Thanks to the kind folk @FlashFrontier and guest editor Iona Winter for selecting my piece Biblical Floods to be a part of the AWA issue.

Embrace by Noa Noa

A Fish in the Sea

A kite dangles high in a tree branch. It twists and turns and flaps about
in the offshore breeze like a fish trying to wrestle itself from a hook.

Please have a read of my sweet little coming-of-age love story set in one my favourite places on earth Moturoa Rabbit Island. Click here to read. Thanks to Mary & Rory for your work putting this issue together and finding a home for this piece.

Moturoa Rabbit Island, Te Waipounamu South Island, Aotearoa NZ

The Man Behind the Fence

Under the cap, a face, its skin like a reptile, containing a set of wild grey eyebrows that are as bristly as a worn brush.

Please enjoy this short story set in the small village of Obra in the Polish countryside. Seems fitting it found a home down the road in Croatia. Thanks to Ana @ Zin Daily for publishing this piece.

“The light from the moon, which is full or close to, illuminates the curtain and at the edges there’s a sharp glow and the house creaks as though it has something to say.”

Thunder … na na na na na na na na

The camera’s flash is a sheet of lightning. It’s a sad photo of a pug wearing festive clothes. To her it’s depressing but people love that shit.

Photo courtesy of Braden Fastier

Thanks to Flash Frontier’s guest editor Amanda Saint for selecting my piece for the THUNDER issue. Please have a read here.

The Woodpecker

This time of year, nothing grows. Nothing decays. It’s that cold.

‘Woodpecker in Snow’ Photo by Antoni Karolak

I’ll never forget my first encounter with a woodpecker in a snow filled pine forest in Poland. Since then they became one of my favourite birds. Delighted for this story to be included in The Wild Word’s ‘Wintering’ issue. Thanks to Kusi the editor and Cory the fiction editor for giving this piece a fitting home.

Your Body is Gone but You Never Left Me

You’re the bird that comes to see me. The bird that perches on the power line above my letterbox and looks in. Your arrogant tweet pierces the air at random.

This micro means a lot to me. It might not be my best work but I’m proud of the last line. I hope you relate to it or find something in there. https://microfictionmondaymagazine.com/2022/01/17/microfiction-monday-117th-edition/