Biblical Floods

We get a view of the reddish-brown discharge entering the grey moana. It looks similar when I rub mud from my knees in the bath: dirty.

Thanks to the kind folk @FlashFrontier and guest editor Iona Winter for selecting my piece Biblical Floods to be a part of the AWA issue.

Embrace by Noa Noa

The Woodpecker

This time of year, nothing grows. Nothing decays. It’s that cold.

‘Woodpecker in Snow’ Photo by Antoni Karolak

I’ll never forget my first encounter with a woodpecker in a snow filled pine forest in Poland. Since then they became one of my favourite birds. Delighted for this story to be included in The Wild Word’s ‘Wintering’ issue. Thanks to Kusi the editor and Cory the fiction editor for giving this piece a fitting home.

Your Body is Gone but You Never Left Me

You’re the bird that comes to see me. The bird that perches on the power line above my letterbox and looks in. Your arrogant tweet pierces the air at random.

This micro means a lot to me. It might not be my best work but I’m proud of the last line. I hope you relate to it or find something in there.

Screaming Infant Dispatched on SVJ

My son screamed when he came bursting out of the womb. His naked body glistened. Dollops of pinks, reds, browns, and yellows. Unblemished skin covered in bodily fluids and mucus.

Thanks to Rob Kaniuk and the team at Schuylkill Valley Journal for including this little story

The cute baby cries and calls mum from a bed


Kia ora,

I’m totally stoked to announce my very short story The Woodpecker has been longlisted in National Flash Fiction Day’s Micro Madness competition. Considering they received a record number of entries this year, this is certainly something to celebrate.

From June 1, they will release a shortlisted story every day building up to the winning story to be published on June 22 (Aotearoa’s shortest day of the year!).

Choose Jesus for Christ’s Sake


I found this scrappy piece of paper in the hedge outside Chanel College (local Catholic High School) in Masterton and I thought it was a great, although vague, answer to the question posed. A shame about the use of Comic Sans.

Thanks to Blue Fifth Review for including Choose Jesus for Christ’s Sake in their August issue and thanks to Tom O’Halloran for creating the video and audio for this clip.

Very pleased to announce this piece has been nominated for the Best Small Fictions 2018 anthology. Fingers crossed!